The name ALEO is derived from the parents of the owner (Peter). The "A" in Aleo is from Antoinette, Pete's mother and the "Leo" is from his father, Leonardo. Antoinette is a retired New York City schoolteacher who has roots from Bari, (in Puglia) Italy, Leonardo is a retired mason/bricklayer. Peter (or Pietro) is the host of this beautiful place that boasts an award winning garden. Aleo assimilate the cultures of Italy, and the sumptuous flavors of the beautiful Mediterranean. Come visit Aleo and experience some wonderful food while dinning to the sounds of Sinatra, Gypsy Kings, Luis Miguel, and the like. You can view the photos of Pete's Dad with his pals at Raos's restaurant in East Harlem, NYC, and Pete's Mom with her girlfriends at Orchard Beach, in the Bronx. The respect and pride in the name is depicted in the service and food in this beautiful space.